A little history:

As a member cooperative which first started providing telecommunications service in this area in 1902, we have always strived to offer our customers comparable services to those in urban areas of the country.


Although our current copper network has allowed us to offer superior quality communication services for decades, copper networks are unable to provide the bandwidth necessary in the years to come. As more products and services become broadband dependent, we want our community to be prepared. The fiber facilities will enable so many exciting technologies like 1 Gigabit (1 Gbps or 1,000 Mbps) internet service, 4K TV, streaming video, advanced voice services, and many others. As your Cooperative, we want to be able to offer the fastest, most reliable, most capable, highest quality communication products available just about anywhere.


What's so great about Fiber?

Fiber to the Home (or FTTH) is the most advanced communication system around. It'll be relied upon worldwide for future technology.

Some features of a fiber network:

  • It has a virtually unlimited bandwidth capacity
  • There's higher stability with fewer interruptions
  • Less susceptible to corrosion or power surges
  • Much more reliable

Fiber to the Home is a 100% fiber optic connection that goes directly to your home or business and can carry massive quantities of data for an enormous distance— and much faster too.



It adds value to your home (and the community!)

  • A fiber network will increase the value of your home and/or business.
  • Communities with FTTH can potentially have increased economic development because of the advanced technology now available in the area
  • Rural customers can have internet speeds that compete on a global scale in their business


Will my home's wiring change?

In most cases the internal home wiring will remain the same for both digital TV and phone systems. When you are upgraded to our fiber service, we'll construct a new fiber drop to your home.  Once the drop is installed, we'll use the existing inside wiring.


How much will the fiber plans cost?

Prices will be very comparable to current pricing.


Fiber's advantages over coaxial cable and copper networks:

  • Fiber is the fastest, and most flexible high-speed internet connection available
  • Since it's so stable and reliable you get the speed you pay for all of the time!
  • No internet slowdowns (even during peak usage hours)
  • Virtually unlimited bandwidth
  • Better video experience (higher quality streaming video on all your devices)
  • Clear voice communication


When will it be available?

Check out our map above to see projected construction dates of each section

This is subject to change but if changes happen then we will update our map as they happen


Customers will be notified when we're in their area to bury the "main line”

There will be a bit of a delay between our construction period and when we can start connecting our customers. The main line has to be tested after construction and prior to any customers getting connected.

But don't worry - we'll contact you again when we are ready to get started connecting your section.